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Tuckerville's (S.I.I.T.) Sensitive Individualized Interpersonal Treatments are catered to your familys' personal needs. Whether you are experiencing post-traumatic stress or just having some "not so good" feelings. SITT and talk to someone at Tuckerville. According to the (NIMH) National Institute of Mental Health, "mental disorders can affect women and men differently. Some disorders are more common in women such as depression and anxiety. There are also certain types of depression that are unique to women. Some women may experience symptoms of mental disorders at times of hormone change, such as perinatal depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and perimenopause-related depression". We provide a safe space for families a new outlook for women and men seeking to learn to coping skills and strategies with the challenges of everyday life.

NIMH reports men with mental illnesses are also less likely to have received mental health treatment than women in the past year. However, men are more likely to die by suicide than women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Recognizing the signs that you or someone you love may have a mental disorder is the first step toward getting treatment. The earlier that treatment begins, the more effective it can be.

Tuckerville is also a part of several insurance companies interdisciplinary team for children and infants with our (C.H.A.T.) Children Health Assessments and Treatments program. Our interdisciplinary team has been helping with the referral process of services for children and infants with private and state assisted (Medicaid) insurance in Detroit Metropolitan area and the surrounding areas. Assessments and Observations used for school age children and Infant Mental Health techniques and strategies used with parents and infants attachment. 

Now that you are making a lifestyle change to better health be sure to get the best health assistance for you and your family. Rely on Tuckerville in your Belleville, Canton surrounding areas when you need assistance in coordinating services for you and your family's well-being through your employer with your insurance covered (E.A.P.) Employee Assistance Program. Our (EAS-C) Employee Assistance Professionals are reaching the highest level of certification to meet your needs at the workplace and home.. concerns from "lack of communication" in the workplace to "substance abuse". We will find you perfect fit for your needs. An E.A.P. is an employee benefit program that assists employees with short term personal problems and/or work-related problems that may impact their job performance, health, mental and emotional well-being.

Contact Candace Fleming for more details or complete the confidential inquiry form. We offer a variety of mental health services for families and men in our network. 



 SIIT and CHAT to Our Specialists about your Mental Health. 

Discuss your needs with us, your local health care specialist. We will gladly give you clinical skills on how you can see a "brighter beginning".

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